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NASL Board Elects New Leadership for 2011 Term

Cynthia Morton, 3/16/2011

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March 16, 2011 (Alexandria, VA) - The National Association for the Support of Long Term Care (NASL) Board of Directors elected Dan Cobb of HealthMEDX, Inc. to succeed Floyd “Doc” DeVore as President of the association for the 2011 term. Dan Cobb has been an active member of NASL since the NASL IT Committee was formed in 2002. He quickly established himself as a leader with his election to the NASL Board of Directors in 2006, and with his appointment as chairman of the NASL IT Committee.

Prior to Mr. Cobb’s IT chairmanship, he also served as chair of the NASL IT Promotions workgroup, focusing on outreach within the long term care industry and the Federal Government to advance LTC IT on the national agenda. “With Dan’s leadership, NASL has evolved as a pioneer in long term post acute care (LTPAC) health IT and continues to lead efforts to bring standardization and certification to our industry” said NASL Executive Vice President, Cynthia Morton. Mr. Cobb also is an energetic participant in the LTPAC Health IT Collaborative – a group of the nation’s leading aging services and health information management associations. “I am honored to accept the challenge of leading NASL during this critical time for our industry. We face a turbulent environment, but NASL has proven itself to be an influential organization in developing and promoting sound healthcare policies” said Cobb.

Doc DeVore resigned as NASL President earlier this month. “Doc's passion for NASL and our profession was evident in his long time commitment to NASL and his leadership as President, Secretary and IT Committee Chair. We thank him for his service to NASL and, of course, he is still part of the NASL family” said Morton.

Traci Jersen, 6N Systems, Inc., will succeed Dan Cobb as Chair of the IT Committee. Traci has been an active member in NASL for five years and had previously served as the chair of the IT Committee’s Standards and Regulatory Workgroup. 

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The National Association for the Support of Long Term Care (NASL) is a trade association representing providers of both ancillary services and products to the long-term care industry. Member companies provide speech-language pathology; physical, occupational and respiratory therapy; portable x-ray/EKG and ultrasound; pharmacy; long-term care (LTC) information technology systems; and other ancillary services. NASL members also provide products such as complex medical equipment; parenteral and enteral supplies, equipment and nutrients; and additional specialized supplies for post-acute care settings nationally.
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