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Record-Breaking Attendance at NASL’s 29th Annual Meeting in San Diego

NASL, 10/24/2018

PDPM isn't the only hot topic around, but it seemed that way for a few days in San Diego earlier this month. NASL's 29th Annual Meeting opened with a full house – nearly 200 attendees – all eager to take on the topic of the new Patient Driven Payment Model or PDPM. That enthusiasm did not wane, even after having spending the first half of the day at the fifth annual NASL-AHCA Rehab Symposium. By sunset, everyone was more than ready to enjoy NASL's Opening Night Reception on the veranda overlooking San Diego Bay. 

The next morning NASL Medical Services Committee again tackled PDPM. With microphones being run from one end of the room to the next, the Committee hammered out a list of issues and concerns that NASL will to take to CMS as we seek clarification in implementing the new payment system. The Committee then settled into a briefing on cognitive-based care. 

After members returned from the Expo Hall, NASL convened its IT Committee where we welcomed a good number of clinicians. With health IT and clinical issues converging more and more, active participation with the NASL IT Committee is essential for entire membership. NASL thanks all of the clinicians – and IT folks – who delved into discussions around health IT standards like C-CDA and FHIR and the more esoteric presentation on an emerging technology – blockchain. We look forward to rounding out the discussion on the upcoming Transfer of Health/Medication Profile draft quality measure as is required under the IMPACT Act and to answering the question: What exactly needs to transition with the patient when moving from one care setting to the next?

Next on the docket was a presentation entitled, “MACRA, MIPS, APMs & Possible Alignment with SNF QRP: Can physicians & facilities report the same measures?” This practical look at the post-acute/ long term care physician’s experience with quality reporting under MIPS and APMs highlighted a few of the challenges that could be ahead for Part B clinicians under the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). 

NASL wrapped up the 29th Annual Meeting on another beautiful San Diego day. Our last sessions reviewed the Cognitive Treatment Plan Decision Tree, which naturally transitioned into our public policy update and analysis of the upcoming mid-term elections. The key take-away from NASL’s Policy Counsel is that 2019 is likely to be another combative year of ups and downs, but the bottom line is, “We won’t be bored.”

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