NASL Committees

All NASL members are invited to participate on a task force-specific committee. The purpose of each committee is to identify, prioritize and address issues relating to particular sects in healthcare policy. NASL has identified four key committees to organize our efforts:

Medical Services Committee
Chair: Mark Besch, Aegis Therapies
Vice Chair:  Shawn Halcsik, Encore Rehabilitation Services

The NASL Medical Services Committee is the nation's leading group of advocates for PT, OT, SLP and respiratory care providers, whose focus aligns solely on the LTPAC community. Our vast influence with federal policymakers is derived from the ability to join together and advocate for our patients or beneficiaries collectively.

Information Technology Committee
Chair:  Hannah Patterson, Netsmart
Vice Chair:  Carrie O'Connell, WellSky

The NASL IT Committee is the only national group of software developers and care providers dedicated to leading EHR innovation for the LTPAC community. Our collective voice provides access to policymakers and stakeholders to advocate for our inclusion in any and all IT standards, legislation and policies on a national level. Committee priorities include:

  • Advocating for the adoption and use of electronic health records (EHRs) and health IT;
  • Working with the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) and other federal agencies on issues such as EHR certification criteria, interoperability standards and health IT implementation;
  • Continuing leadership and involvement with LTPAC Health IT Collaborative;
  • Showcasing NASL membership’s support of and work to advance health IT to improve care quality.

Diagnostic Testing Committee
Chair: Chris Martin, American Health Associates

The Diagnostic Testing Workgroup addresses issues related to diagnostic testing, imaging and portable x-ray. Committee priorities include:

  • Preserving access to critical bedside laboratory services for nursing facility & homebound patients;
  • Tracking rulemaking such as updates to the Physician Fee Schedule that impact lab and portable x-ray reporting and fees; and
  • Advocating for updates to the travel allowance and related reimbursement for costs incurred in collecting patient samples from patients in nursing homes or the home setting.